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A few years ago, we had a simple idea… wouldn’t it be nice to make something delicious to eat, that was a bit more ‘real’? Something with uncomplicated, uncompromised, natural taste. Something that didn’t rely on processing, fake flavours or additives. Something we could make ourselves from things around us that we liked. So we mixed a few chunky nuts, some dried fruit and a spoonful of honey… and we made it into a snack bar. That was it. Nothing clever. Nothing groundbreaking. It seemed obvious really.

When it came to making the best bars, we worked out quite quickly, that it was all about ‘what goes into them’. We decided we would only ever use the very best possible ingredients… stuff that was sourced from like-minded growers around the world, who believed, like us, that real taste comes naturally. We kept the recipes beautifully simple, so you could really taste what was in there. And importantly, we used no artificial flavours or colours and no preservatives. All we did was choose the best bits and bobs… and mixed them together.

We’ve discovered that making our delicious fruit and nut bars is pretty straightforward. It might sound daft, but we imagine it’s just how you’d do it yourself in your own kitchen. Every bar is made pretty much by hand from start to finish, by us, at our very own EAT NATURAL ‘Makery’. Mixing, rolling, baking, cutting… it’s all done in tiny batches, ensuring that every single one is made with exactly the same level of attention. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Well it is.

We’ve made sure that all our bars are gluten free and can be enjoyed by vegetarian. Big ones, snack-sized and little bars… there’s something for everyone.

Although we hoped our bars would be enjoyed at any time of the day or night… we loved the idea of making some lovely stuff, just for breakfast. Our crispy, crunchy toasted muesli and super granolas are packed with all the delicious bits and bobs you’d expect – fruits, nuts, seeds, cereals… everything you could possibly want for a perfectly indulgent start. Starting your day the right way couldn’t be simpler.

At EAT NATURAL, we’re doing our very best to regularly bring you fresh and innovative things to try. In our Makery, we’re constantly looking to discover exciting new ingredients, create fabulous new recipes and unveil delicious new tastes for your bars and breakfast cereals.

Hopefully, you’ll keep letting us know just how much you’re enjoying them. So, that’s about it…a little taste of what we do.

Simple…isn’t it? 

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For more information about EAT NATURAL visit http://eatnatural.co.uk/

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