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We lovingly harvest the Quinoa grain in the heights of the Andes. This supergrain was the food of the Incas, considered a gift from the Gods.

We want to make simple recipes for babies that taste as good as home made food and are super practical. Our protein content comes from quinoa, “the Mothergrain”, which enables us to massively reduce the carbon footprint of this complete meal. Better for your baby and for the planet they will inherit too.

Our recipes have been developed with care to match everyone’s needs & tastes. Whether you’re a child or a grown up, our variations on quinoa, vegetables and spices will delight you.

Our recipes are all savoury. The addition of fruit into most savoury recipes for babies is crazy, especially with the child obesity epidemic underway. Learning healthy eating habits whilst weaning is crucial.

Organic & Glutenfree 

Meat free:
Our recipes are meat free but nonetheless complete meals. European health guidelines suggest babies should not be fed meat in the evening.

Home made taste:
Through super simple recipes, babies can recognize the taste of the ingredients. Babies learn to taste like they learn to walk and talk. Long ingredients lists make the food unrecognizable to a baby’s simple palate.

Our pouches can be heated in the microwave. Eating warm food is an important habit to learn, rather than being fed cold food from a screw top pouch.

Varied textures:
Each stage has its own adapted texture, from Stage 1 purée to Stage 2 fork mash and Stage 3 little chunks. Learning to chew is key to developing speech.

Our Express Wholegrain Quinoa has received the “Great Taste Award” 2017!

Judges stated:

“A remarkable aroma, rapeseed-noted. The texture is interesting, the taste has the characteristic hint of bitterness, but is nutty.”

“The texture won the day for us.”

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