nuts and seeds

We like to think that our breakfast cereals are very special. Our crispy, crunchy toasted muesli and super granolas are packed with all the delicious bits and bobs you’d expect – fruits, nuts, seeds, cereals… everything you could possibly want for a perfectly indulgent start. All EAT NATURAL cereals are made with love and care from simple ingredients, in small batches at our own Makery. We never use artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. Starting your day the right way couldn’t be simpler.

nuts and seeds
Crisp crunchy toasted breakfast cereal A mix of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and linseeds with toasted rye crumbs, oats, coconut, almonds and hazelnuts.

So…what’s in it for you?
This toasted breakfast cereal is packed with loads of tasty, good wholesome stuff. Here’s just a few of the wonderful bits and bobs you’ll find inside…

Our Californian almonds are selected for their sweet taste, then roasted to perfection.

Our special toasted blend of delicious mixed seeds makes up a fifth of this muesli recipe. We use nutty sunflower seeds, crunchy pumpkin seeds and golden linseeds.

Enormous shreds of crisp, toasted coconut bring a little bit of tropical indulgence.

Sweet, small and succulent, our hazelnuts are lightly roasted in our very own ‘Fruit and Nut Spa’ at the EAT NATURAL Makery to enhance their crunchiness.

Down here at the EAT NATURAL Makery, when we say ‘natural’, what exactly do we mean?
Well, clearly it would be wrong of us to claim that everything in this muesli is ‘100% natural’ – rye crumbs, crisped rice and rapeseed oil simply don’t grow on trees. Obviously, everything needs to be cleaned, dried and roasted too, and therefore, to some extent, ‘processed’. It’s just that we believe, the less we mess with it…the better it tastes, and why we will never, ever add any dodgy stuff. That means, no artificial flavours or colours and no preservatives.

Simple…isn’t it?