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Lemar B.V. is an importer and distributor in the Benelux of (inter)national food brands. Lemar B.V. also provides sales and marketing for these products. That makes Lemar B.V. the best partner in retail.

Our brands


Deconstructing the classic components of Frank Lantz former dishes, he was able to reinvent these flavours as new and improved and award winning plant-based alternatives.


All EAT NATURAL bars and cereals are made with love & care from simple ingredients, in small batches. EAT NATURAL never uses artificial flavours, colours and no preservatives.


A bestseller in the UK. Grenade® Carb Killa® Bars are the ultimate indulgent and guilt-free treat. Low in sugar, high in protein and incredibly delicious!    


Thanks to Rootzz of Nature undiscovered culinary gems from nature are given a place in the Dutch cuisine. In this way we let everyone know what the world has to offer. And all with love and respect for nature!

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