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Lemar is a trading company, which means that we buy and sell products. But Lemar offers so much more, and that is why we call ourselves partners in retail. The intermediary between manufacturer and retailer, in which we are sparring partner for both the manufacturer and the retailer.

For the (foreign) manufacturers, this means that we work together closely to introduce their brand(s) in the Netherlands and potentially also in the Benelux countries and make them successful. In close consultation, products, based on a commonly agreed strategy and budget, the right distribution channels offered and supported by regular sales and marketing. Products are offered in the right distribution channels in close consultation based on a commonly agreed strategy and budget with continual support by sales and marketing. We also have an advisory role when it comes to identifying trends and how to convert them into New Product Development. Good cooperation between all parties is therefore very important, because both the manufacturer Lemar and the retailer invest resources (people power) and budget in the brand. Lemar is the primary point of contact in the Netherlands or the Benelux. Out Of Stock problems, consumer complaints and requests, to sponsor account applications, marketing campaigns and Free Publicity. For the retailer, we proactively seek products of added value, we think along (collaborate) about visions, strategies and service automation and logistics.

Lemar consists of a motivated team of people and together we can respond rapidly to any developments in this dynamic trade branch. We also work closely with specialists in their field. For example, for warehousing and physical distribution we do collaboration with Bakker Logistics from Zeewolde who serves the Benelux daily. Also, for our marketing and PR campaigns we assure the knowledge and skills of experts.

Over the years we have built a wide and varied assortment consisting of products, all of which have their own added value. In almost all segments of the food market you will find products introduced by us to the Dutch market. We are amongst others active in the sectors: Food (supermarkets), Petrol (gasoline stations), Convenience (Chemist / Drug Store & Magazine stores), Wholesale, Cash & Carry, On the Move / (Air) Catering, department store and stores, Hospitality (including Leisure & Vending.) and Online. View on the brand page the current range of Lemar BV

Do you have any questions or interest in our partnership, please contact us via the contact form.

Our team

Leonard Bult

My name is Leonard Bult, the "Le" in Lemar. For my whole working life, I have been active in the food industry, and since 2001 the proud founder and owner of this great company.

Every day it is a great pleasure to provide leadership to a diverse and motivated team of people.

It is our shared mission to provide the Dutch Food Landscape with products that are distinctive and matter.

    Marjolein Bult

    I am Marjolein Bult, the "Mar" in Lemar. Since its inception, I have been involved in virtually all disciplines within the company.

    Currently I am responsible for customer service, or the point of contact for consumers and in addition, I assist regularly at the administration department.

      André Hendriks

      Passion for brands, people and innovation. As “brand ambassador” I am fully able to unlock my passion for brands at Lemar. I support Lemar with the development of new brands in mostly new categories and channels. Very nice to think from a category, consumer and customer perspective about which problems they are facing and how these can be solved with our brand product solutions.

      Lemar has shown that brands with an unique story are attractive to a large consumer community and drive category growth. Brands which understand to “be unique”, but with an authentic story. Eat Natural is a great example of such an unique and authentic brand in the Lemar portfolio.

      I am personally interested in everything which has to do with trends in Food and try to connect these trends to how Lemar could leverage these as the exclusive distributor of strong and responsible food brands in the Netherlands.

      I hope that everyone will meet our brands, and the delicious and responsible products. Enjoy, and I hope you will also discover our great stories. Welcome to Lemar!

        Ronald Eek

        Hi, my name is Ronald (Ron). I work at Lemar for over 16 years as account manager. I still get challenged by account management and for the last year I mainly work at the logistical processes between manufacturers, Bakker logistics and Lemar.

        Within account management, I have a number of different accounts in my portfolio, from Food, Out Of Home and Warehouse to Flight Catering, a beautiful mix of responsibilities where different aspects and requirements are set. This makes the my workday / week at Lemar very diverse.

        Working with the Lemar team gives me a daily doses of job satisfaction, challenges and every day you learn. In the last few years we have grown considerably, we are constantly expanding and achieving new goals.

          Rogier Schat

          What could be better than to let the Dutch consumer become acquainted with the assortment of Lemar? My goal is make our tasty and / or responsible assortment available to every consumer in the Netherlands.
          Within Lemar I have been responsible for a large number of accounts within the diverse Food Channel (supermarket, petrol, Department Stores and Wholesalers) for a number of years. We work with short lines so we can move quickly and offer our customers an optimal service. Satisfied direct customers and a satisfied end consumer is also my personal goal. The retail industry is a challenging industry where I have fun at work and which is fully in line with my studies in Small Business and Retail Management which I completed in 2003. I hope we can serve you soon as a customer and knowledge must be with the lovely assortment of Lemar.

            Ralf Lamme

            Hi! My name is Ralf Lamme and I started working at Lemar in January 2020 as the National Account Manager Out Of Home. In this role I am responsible for our suppliers and the Out Of Home plans of our brands Eat Natural and Grenade.

            In addition to my passion for sports, I also enjoy building brands in a profitable way in the Dutch FMCG-Market together with our local partners. This is why I get so much energy from working with our wonderful brands.

            After completing my Sports marketing studies at Johan Cruijff University, I worked for over 10 years at Coca-Cola in various roles. Here I have experienced firsthand how you have to constantly innovate in order to remain relevant for the industry. Every day I try to use this knowledge and passion to keep our brands growing.

              Daniel Busscher

              After finishing the Hotel School in Maastricht, I have always worked in the hospitality industry or I was connected to this sector in one way or another. In recent years I have been working at De Kweker horecagroothandel in Amsterdam. I got the chance to get to know many different entrepreneurs, no day was the same.
              In recent years I noticed that people were starting to see that things had to change. People are aware that we can make a difference with what we eat every day ... more plant based and less meat. The dusty image of the vegetarian or vegan belongs to the past.
              At Lemar I have the opportunity to contribute to this development and I can introduce the hospitality industry to the versatility of jack fruit. I would be happy to pass by and tell you more about this product. Until then!

                Marieke Bussink

                Passion for the profession and the product portfolio, that's where it all starts!

                Nowadays the terms organic, vegan and gluten-free are all over the place. As a brand you have to come from a good place to get a place in the mind of the consumer. The consumer is critical, wants to be well and honestly informed and is looking more and more for its origin; the story behind a product. That’s what makes the marketing profession so fascinating! And that’s why I started as Marketing Manager at Lemar since June 2019.

                A fantastic job, because I can deal with the daily journey that you and I make, one day through the supermarket, the other day in a restaurant, sports club, hotel or amusement park. During that journey we are being influenced consciously or unconsciously. It is precisely this influence that is both interesting and complicated.

                In short, I can think of cool marketing activities that will hopefully, very regularly, make your trip a bit more beautiful and naturally better :-)

                  Denise Griep

                  Thank you for checking out our teammember page. I am Denise and I've been working at Lemar B.V. since october 2016. At this moment I support the Marketing Team aswell as the Administation Team. GS1, Brandbank and the Lemar website are one of my responsibilities.

                  I love blogging and I am an expert in glutenfree food and celiac disease. Because we often work with glutenfree products, this job is the perfect combination for me. Do you have any questions about our (glutenfree) products, do not hesitate to send us a message via our social media channels.



                    Saffira Holtman

                    Hi! My name is Saffira and I have been working at Lemar since august 2017. As Assistant Brand Manager, I am mainly concerned with analyzing new brands and developing online – and offline trade communication materials for all brands in our portfolio. Additionally, I support the Brand Managers where needed with the start-up of new brands, such as forms, visuals and packaging. Due to my passion for delicious food I get a lot of energy working with beautiful products that make the world a better place!

                      Bert Gadellaa

                      My name is Bert Gadellaa. For several years I have been working on an interim basis for Lemar from management consultancy company Ijssel Vliet, of which I am one of the partners. Within Lemar I am responsible for the financial management, and in addition I act as an advisor and sounding board for the whole team.

                        Jos van der Schuit

                        Hi My name is Jos van der Schuit. Since the 1st of September in 2017 I am the financial controller at Lemar. I am responsible for the monthly management reporting, budget and EDI. I supply sales with the financial data on our products. I also like to dive in processes and possibly a change project.

                          Tilly de Leede

                          I'm Tilly. Ever since the founding of Lemar I am responsible for the administration of the company.
                          I am also the 1st point of contact for our customers, suppliers and liaison between our logistics partner and customers.

                            Dijksman Communicatie

                            Dijksman Communicatie is a boutique communication agency with over 20 years of experience specialized in public relations for brands with style.

                            We do not simply take on every brand; we only select brands that suit us. Brands that we already love or that we fall in love with instantly. Only then we can tell everyone we know passionately about our love. For more than 10 years we work for Lemar BV, because we strongly believe in the brand portfolio. Besides PR we are responsible for the influencer marketing activities. www.dijksmancommunicatie.nl

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