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Currently we can not consider any sponsorship requests.

Please enter your details and sponsorship request as complete as possible, we try to respond within 10 working days. Each application is carefully handled, but because of the large volume of applications we regret we cannot grant every request.



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    Lemar B.V. Sponsor Criteria:

    • Each application needs to be admitted at least 6 weeks prior to the activity/ event.

    • Only fully completed application forms via the web site will be taken into consideration.

    • Any sponsorship is always unique and is not legally binding.

    • Any sponsorship should always have a social character in terms of welfare, sports or education.

    • As a return Lemar B.V. will be allowed to mention the brand name. In case of sponsorship we receive logo and if needed text about the brand.

    I have read the criteria and my application complies.

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