milk chocolate with peanuts and cranberries

All EAT NATURAL bars are made with love and care from simple ingredients, in small batches at our own Makery. We never use artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

milk chocolate with peanuts and cranberries
All kinds of wonderfully wholesome bits and bobs, like crunchy cashews and peanuts and sweet, juicy fruit, sitting on a bed of irresistible and indulgent, velvety smooth milk chocolate.

Milk chocolate
The unique and exclusive recipe for our gorgeously smooth, melt-in-the-mouth milk chocolate has been lovingly created to perfectly enhance the fabulous feast of fruits and nuts in this bar. Its sweet, velvet creaminess is simply heavenly.

Has there ever been a food quite as under-rated as the humble little peanut? We adore these lovable legumes-so much flavour and crunchiness in a perfect little package, with more protein than any type of nut. ‘Willpower’ they say, ‘is the ability to eat just one’.

A cranberry is not just for Christmas you know? These little bouncing balls, bursting with goodness, are perfect all year round. Slightly sweetened to make them less sharp, and acidic, these normally festive friends are filled with fruitiness.

COELIAC UK geregistered product: GB-021-010

Here at EAT NATURAL, when we say ‘natural’, what exactly do we mean? 
Well, clearly it would be wrong of us to claim that everything in this bar is ‘100% natural’ and simply ‘grows on trees’. Obviously, some ingredients need to be cleaned, dried and roasted too, and therefore, to some extent, ‘processed’. It’s just that we believe, the less we mess with it…the better it tastes. That’s why we never add any artificial flavours or colours, or any preservatives.